i 2 f Institute for Holistic Living is based on the interdisciplinary paradigm of empowering individuals to empower themselves. The foundation of our philosophy is that we are spiritual beings at our core and that this core is, in and of itself, complete and whole. In order to realize this wholeness, a mind, body, spirit and emotion connection is fundamental. 

Our Vision To lead the industry in the creation of a globally recognized interdisciplinary resource center for education, consultation, social sciences research and the dissemination of information on affordable holistic approaches to health and human services; to provide holistic opportunities for self-discovery, self-determination, self-fulfillment and self-empowerment that result in the achievement of overall wellness for individuals, families and communities worldwide; to be a catalyst for transforming information into freedom.

Our Mission To offer a host of holistic health solutions that are affordable, accessible and culturally sensitive so as to promote lifestyle changes to those who seek personal empowerment. To provide consultation, technical assistance, training and resources to community practitioners, research opportunities to university faculty and students, and direct experiential opportunities to individuals and families on alternative and integrative modalities in the delivery of health and human services that offer healing and empower those we serve. 

Experiential Empowerment Workshops  

At various times and in various locations throughout the year, I 2 F Institute (or some combination of the practitioners that make up I 2 F) holds a variety of workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics. Because we believe that experience is the best teacher and we greatly honor every individual’s unique path, we offer our own experiences in the form of experiential workshops and seminars – and invite our participants to experience one or all of them by letting their emotions be their guide.

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